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Posted By Carlos Solomon

1234This is a blog about spirit communications, ghost stories, paranormal things and near death experiences. Since I was 25 years old, I have been communicating with spirits from the other side. I have been doing research on spirits and ghosts for many years and it has taken me to some of the most notorious haunted places in the world.

Writing is my hobby. I’ve written a number of books on spiritual topics. I have taken formal education and training on inner spirits, Tarot reading and other spiritual topics. I have spent a lot of time studying, researching and practicing reincarnation, evolution of the soul, soul travel and the world of spirit. I attend seminars and talk of spiritual topic throughout the country and also abroad. I still continue my research on haunted places.

I have written this blog to share information on the world of spirit, spirit communication and ghosts. After reading my blog you will realized that physical death is not the end of the world; it is only the beginning of afterlife. You will be amazed to find out about the spiritual world. If there is anything you need to ask me regarding spirits then please feel free to write to me.