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Posted By Carlos Solomon


This blog is my passion, not business. I do this because I know a lot about spirits and ghosts and would like to share it with you all. The articles written are from years of my experience and study. I do a lot of research before I share anything with my readers. Many people invite me in spiritual meetings to share my opinion. I have traveled to several places to talk about spirits and their unique world.

All these activities take up a lot of time and effort and I don’t do these for a profit. If you find these free resources valuable then you can show your support by donating some money for my blog. It will be very much appreciated and will help me to pay my hosting fees and other costs of running this site.

You can use your VISA card, Master card or PayPal to make some donation to my site. There is no limitation; you can donate as little as $1 and I’ll really appreciate it. I have started this blog five years back. It has been possible to continue this site because of your love and support and I cannot thank you enough for it. I hope I’ll get this support from you in future as well.