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The Ghost Inside My Child series that Make you believe in reincarnation

Ghostigator Ghost, Movie The Ghost Inside My Child series that Make you believe in reincarnation
The Ghost Inside My Child

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The Ghost Inside My Child series that Make you believe in reincarnation

Posted By Carlos Solomon

Past life… Reincarnation… I’ve always been fascinated when I hear stories about them. After meeting a friend one sunny afternoon, she recommended that I watch the series, “The Ghost Inside My Child”. At first, I thought that it’s a horror show that I do not personally enjoy. But she told me that it’s something that I would really like to watch.

reincarnationMuch to my surprise, I did enjoy watching the series on Bio Channel. Contrary to what the title of the series appears like, it is not a horror show about ghosts and all that. It features concept of reincarnation by showing how children from different families deal with their memories of their past lives.

I find the series really intriguing and for some people, it can be quite scary. But then, if you really take the time to watch the whole series, eventually you will know that it is quite moving and at the same time intellectually compelling. It is not just an ordinary show that is created to attract the audience. The show itself showcases extensive research of the makers of the series to help people understand reincarnation.

The episodes of the series have about 2 to 3 stories where they would feature stories from the point of view of the family. Those who have such encounters or experiences would tell what they are/were experiencing. There are even cases where the child is already older. Families would show the past life memories of the children like their drawing, photographs and home video footage. It is a real life series that is quite different from the other series that you watch on television.

In fact, there are succeeding seasons and episodes. As far as I know, Bio Channel is searching for real cases and looking for children who have such past life memories and experiences. At the beginning, I thought that such stories were unusual. But I was wrong. All throughout the series, they were able to share to the audience that children detailing their past memories of another life are not unusual. There have been well-documented and scientifically conducted researches in the field not just in the United States but even abroad as early as the 1950s.

Whether or not a person would believe that such things and experiences exist, it really depends. But after watching “The Ghost Inside My Child”, it gives me a much better understanding. After all, being a parent, I could only empathize with what the parents of these children feel.

Over-all, The Ghost Inside My Child is a very interesting and unique in a sense that you do not really get to see such kind of shows on television, a show that combines mysticism, past lift and scientific discoveries. If you are interested in knowing about these concepts and experiences coming from real people who have encountered such memories and experience, this is the series to watch.

Written by Carlos Solomon

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